Why did I decide to use Kishotenketsu this year?

When I first started planning the story I’m writing for NaNoWriMo, I didn’t set out to use a particular story structure. It isn’t something I’ve ever done. I’ve never outlined in a way that uses a particular story structure before, unless you include the creative writing I did during English classes in school a very long time ago. I don’t.

I’ve never set out to use the typical Western three-act story structure. It genuinely isn’t something I’ve ever thought of doing – and I’ve been writing seriously since 2008. Picking any kind of story structure and actually following it is very new to me.

Sometime in October, I remembered reading that the kishotenketsu structure has four parts: introduction, development, twist, and resolution, with the “twist” part recontextualizing everything that happened so far in the story. That was actually very similar to what I already had planned for the story, so I thought: why not? It certainly wouldn’t hurt to try out an actual story structure this time, especially since it wouldn’t require much (if any) extra work.

So that’s the whole reason I’m using kishotenketsu this month: basically, a coincidence.

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