The most popular thing I’ve written

I’ve mostly written about writing on this blog, so you’d assume that my most popular post would be about writing, right? As is turns out, that isn’t right at all. My most popular post is, in fact, about conlanging.

It is this post: Creating a basic naming language.

I imagine that some of the popularity comes from the fact that it is #3 on Google when you search “naming language”.


I genuinely never expected to make it to the front page of Google. In fact, I never expected to make to any page of Google. But I actually get a lot of traffic from search engines, including Google – in fact, about three times as many people come here from various search engines than they do through the WordPress reader. Again, that’s not something I expected.

I’m curious if letting the domain name expire will have an effect on this. Guess I’ll know if traffic to that post suddenly drops in 2023. I won’t be too upset if it does. I imagine most people who find that post get disappointed that there aren’t more posts about conlanging on this blog and leave anyway.

But seeing this one post get more hits than anything else has had me thinking for the past few months. What if I write a sequel to it – a post on how to expand a naming language into a “full” conlang?

I think that’s what I’ll be doing in December this year.

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