About the Website

This website mainly exists to function as a collection of my creative works: writing, comics, and artwork. My post schedule is located in the sidebar to the left under the “Follow Blog by Email” button. It’s usually updated at the beginning of every month.


Art: posts with artwork

Comics: for any comics I post on the internet, and anything relating to those comics

Conlangs: for posts dealing with constructed languages

Nostalgia Time: where I talk about the things of my childhood

Novels: for the serial novels I post on this website

Reviews: for reviews for novels, video games, shows, etc.

Short Stories: for any short stories I post on the internet

Uncategorized: for things that don’t fall in any of the other categories

Writing: anything to do with writing and the writing process, including writing competitions like NaNoWriMo

About the Writer

I’m a Taiwanese Hoklo Buddhist-Taoist writer, artist, and conlanger. On the internet, I go by the pen names of Jay Argall and Li Zhilong. I primarily write science fiction and fantasy stories.

You can also find me on these websites:

  • Twitter: @JayArgall
    • My main form of social media. I link back to this blog, post writing and comic updates, and talk about random things.
  • Pillowfort: zhi-long
    •  I primarily post artwork here. I also use Pillowfort as more of a blog than this blog. My various thoughts get posted there so I don’t clutter up this website.
  • Conworkshop: JayArgall
    • This is where I post information about my conlangs.


If you want to contact me, you can use the form below.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi! I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! I think it’s basically an award for people with less than 200 followers. We are definitely of that category.



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