About the Website

This website mainly exists to function as a collection of my creative works: writing, comics, and artwork. My post schedule is located in the sidebar to the left under the “Follow Blog by Email” button. It’s usually updated at the beginning of every month.

Posts that you may find interesting:


  • Art: posts with artwork
  • Comics: for any comics I post on the internet, and anything relating to those comics
  • Conlangs: for posts dealing with constructed languages
  • Nostalgia Time: where I talk about the things of my childhood
  • Novels: for the serial novels I post on this website
  • Reviews: for reviews for novels, video games, shows, etc.
  • Short Stories: for any short stories I post on the internet
  • Uncategorized: for things that don’t fall in any of the other categories
  • Writing: anything to do with writing and the writing process, including writing competitions like NaNoWriMo

About the Writer

I’m a Taiwanese Hoklo Buddhist-Taoist writer, artist, and conlanger. On the internet, I go by the pen names of Jay Argall and Li Zhilong. I primarily write science fiction and fantasy stories.

You can also find me on these websites:

  • Twitter: @JayArgall
    • My main form of social media. I link back to this blog, post writing and comic updates, and talk about random things.
  • Pillowfort: zhi-long
    • Pillowfort is a much more casual blog. I post artwork (new and old) and talk about various things.


If you want to contact me, you can use the form below.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi! I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! I think it’s basically an award for people with less than 200 followers. We are definitely of that category.



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