I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil. I got my first tablet in early 2007 and worked primarily digitally – in Microsoft Paint, Gimp, Firealpaca, and then ultimately Clip Studio Paint – almost exclusively until late 2019, when I discovered acrylic painting.

Art posted on this blog can be found in the Art category.

The artwork below is dated by when it was finished, not when it was posted on this website.

Acrylic Paintings

2022-01-08: Arizona Sunrise

2021-05-13: Desert Night

2020-10-17: Purple Nebula

2019-11-29: Night

2019-11-24: Moon Reflection

2019-11-12: Sunset Clouds


2021: Sailor Moon Fanart

2014: Sailor Moon Inner Senshi

Digital Artwork

2022 July: Speedpaintings

2022: Samael Protagonists

2022-01-30: Forest River

2021: Team Cosmic Stardust

2021-03-22: Sunset Overlooking the Sea

2021-02-24: Clouds and a Blue Sky

2020-04-25: Mountain Moon

2019-08-25: Above the Clouds

2019-06-30: Forest Pond

2018-09-01: Overlook

2018-08-20: Nature

July 2018 Painting Practice

2018-07-14: Cloudy Mountains

2016-10-28: House in the Woods

2016-09: Fantasy RPG Protagonists

2015-06: Draw Every Day in June

2015: Fractal Art

2013-03-11: Molten Planet

2012: Fractal Art (Part 3)

2012: Fractal Art (Part 2)

2012: Fractal Art (Part 1)

Pre-2010: Animated Icons

2008-01-28: Translucent Planet

2008: The Black Rose

2006-02-26: Light in the Dark