I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil. I got my first tablet in early 2007 and worked primarily digitally – in Microsoft Paint, Gimp, Firealpaca, and then ultimately Clip Studio Paint – almost exclusively until late 2019, when I discovered acrylic painting.

Art posted on this blog can be found in the Art category.

You can find my art on various websites:

Instagram: zhilongart

Pillowfort: zhi-long

The artwork below is dated by when it was finished, not when it was posted on this website.

Acrylic Paintings

2022-01-08: Arizona Sunrise

2021-05-13: Desert Night

2020-10-17: Purple Nebula

2019-11-29: Night

2019-11-24: Moon Reflection

2019-11-12: Sunset Clouds


2021: Sailor Moon Fanart

2014: Sailor Moon Inner Senshi

Digital Artwork

2022 July: Speedpaintings

2022: Samael Protagonists

2022-01-30: Forest River

2021: Team Cosmic Stardust

2021-03-22: Sunset Overlooking the Sea

2021-02-24: Clouds and a Blue Sky

2020-04-25: Mountain Moon

2019-08-25: Above the Clouds

2019-06-30: Forest Pond

2018-09-01: Overlook

2018-08-20: Nature

July 2018 Painting Practice

2018-07-14: Cloudy Mountains

2016-10-28: House in the Woods

2016-09: Fantasy RPG Protagonists

2015-06: Draw Every Day in June

2015: Fractal Art

2013-03-11: Molten Planet

2012: Fractal Art (Part 3)

2012: Fractal Art (Part 2)

2012: Fractal Art (Part 1)

Pre-2010: Animated Icons

2008-01-28: Translucent Planet

2008: The Black Rose

2006-02-26: Light in the Dark