What do I even want to write?

For most of my life, I thought that the genres I wanted to write in were science fiction and fantasy – primarily science fiction. As I got older, genre conventions and limitations became something I cared less and less about, and I shifted to saying that I wanted to write speculative fiction. Speculative fiction covers science fiction and fantasy as well as a few other genres, so essentially anything I wrote could fall under it.

About three weeks ago, I had a thought. What if what I want to write can’t really be considered science fiction? I honestly thought I was fine writing speculative fiction and not science fiction. Despite my best efforts, this thought took hold in my brain and has not let go.

I know these labels are a marketing tool. I know they don’t actually matter while I’m writing. But I can’t stop thinking that maybe what I thought I wanted to do isn’t what I actually want to do.

Then, a week ago, I had some more thoughts that furthered this problem: what if I don’t really want to write speculative fiction, either? What if I actually want to write weird fiction or literary fiction? Is that why I’ve been able to finish so few of my stories? Is it why I lose interest so quickly?

I seem to be going through the writer version of a mid-life crisis.

Let’s Make a Conlang: Soleisu Week 6

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I once again procrastinated on making verbs by doing something different. This time, I created locative prepositions.






Out of


Inside (of)


Outside (of)




On top of

Objects of the locative prepositions take on the dative case:

  • Me t-ase: Into the field.
  • Une t-satai: Out of the forest.
  • Sa tika: Inside the house.
  • O tika: Outside the house.
  • Ei piya: Below the sky.
  • Ku t-ensi: On top of the tree.

Words Created This Week

ase /a.se/ n. field

ei /ei/ prep. below

ku /ku/ prep. on top of

me /me/ prep. into

o /o/ prep. outside of

sa /sa/ prep. inside of

satai /sa.tai/ n. forest

une /u.ne/ prep. out of

uyumi /u.ju.mi/ n. meadow

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2022-01-08: Arizona Sunrise

20220108_arizona sunrise

Here is my first acrylic painting of 2022! It’s based on a doodle I did back in June 2019. It took about 70 minutes over the course of several days.

I think I may have actually found a painting process that works well: work for about half an hour on a section, do tiny touch-ups over the next few hours/days, then move on to the next section. I’ve always had trouble finishing art in one sitting, and breaking it up like this seems to have produced pretty good results.

2022 Goals

I’ve had some time to think about what I want to accomplish in 2022 and…this is the only concrete thing I’ve managed to come up with that’s related to writing:

Finish writing Samael. I am about one-third to halfway finished with outlining the story right now. If I focus on outlining for the next few months – until April, at least – I should be able to finish the outline and focus solely on writing Samael for the rest of the year.

Here are some of my other goals:

Create 1 piece of art per week (or 52 total). This is something I failed at completely in 2021. I like art, and I want to post art regularly on this blog. This is off to a decent start, as I have an art post coming up this Friday.

Get through my reading backlog. I’ve been slowly accumulating ebooks (there are around 40 at the moment) through Tor.com’s ebook club and buying StoryBundles. I also have a stack of at least 7 paper books on my bookshelf. Have I had time to read any of these books? No. I need to set aside some time each day and actually read a few chapters.

Get through my video game backlog. In 2021, I set a goal of playing 6 new video games. I played one new game: Cat Quest. Then I replayed KoTOR and the Mass Effect Trilogy. While I’m probably going to replay Mass Effect again this year, it’s not going to be my focus. That will be the unplayed games in my Steam library. An the GOG library. And the Epic Games library.

Get through my watchlist. Since I’m now subscribed to a few streaming services, I have a lot to watch…which I haven’t really been making any progress with. Unlike the reading and video games, this stuff costs me money every month, so I thought I wouldn’t be procrastinating…but I am. I want everything cleared out by the end of the year except for ongoing series.

And in things more related to my personal life:

Try 6 new restaurants. This was also a goal I had last year; I actually tried 8 new places. Some were pretty good, and some weren’t. I want to continue this. There are still a ton of places I want to check out and haven’t had the chance to.

Finish buying new clothes. I started the process of replacing my old clothes last year when I had to throw out most of my socks. The bulk of that is done, but I still need a few more things.

Buy a house? This is something that may or may not happen. I have a good credit score and a lot of money saved up so I doubt getting a mortgage will be a problem, but actually finding a place to buy is going to be difficult.

Let’s Make a Conlang: Soleisu Week 5

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This week, I decided I’d work out Soleisu’s verb system. Instead, I created the number system, along with a few words for upcoming sentence/grammar tests.

Soleisu’s number system is base-10. Every conlang I’ve ever created has had a base-10 number system, partially (actually, mostly) because I’ve never taken the time to learn about other number systems. I did briefly consider a base-12 number system, since those are pretty easy to understand and also in partial use in English. I also considered a base-4 system, for some reason, and decided against it because I thought it was too ridiculous.


Soleisu Meaning


pi 1


yei 2


husa 3


ola 4




6 miso


7 nou


8 kila


9 ito


10 tulko


Words Created This Week

ano /a.no/ adj. slow

enai /e.nai/ num. 5

husa /hu.sa/ num. 2

ito /i.to/ num. 9

kila /ki.la/ num. 8

kilnu /kil.nu/ adj. brown

kitu /ki.tu/ adj. fast, quick

miso /mi.so/ num. 6

nou /nou/ num. 7

ola /o.la/ num. 4

pi /pi. num. 1

seina /sei.na/ adj. lazy

tulko /tul.ko/ num. 10

yei /jei/ num. 2

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