Recommendations: September 2022


Clockwork Bayani by EK Gonzales (Strange Horizons)

The CRISPR Cookbook: A Guide to Biohacking Your Own Abortion in a Post-Roe World by MKRNYILGLD (Lightspeed Magazine)

The Crow Husband by Sarah McGill (Strange Horizons)

The Queen of the Earless Seals of Lake Baikal by Kristina Ten (Lightspeed Magazine)

We Are All of Us by Deborah L. Davitt (PodCastle)


Breaking Out of Capitalist Realism by Juliet Kemp (Uncanny Magazine)

Recommendations: May 2022


An Incomplete Account of the Case of the Bird-Talker of Yaros by Eleanna Castroianni (Podcastle)

I think of my grandfather by Jonathan Duckworth (The Deadlands)

Mal de Caribou by Becca de la Rosa (The Dark Magazine)

One Day the Cave Will Be Empty by K. J. Chien (Fantasy Magazine)

The Cheesemaker and the Undying King by Lina Rather (Lightspeed Magazine)

The Fruit of the Princess Tree by Sage Tyrtle (Apex Magazine)

The Projectionists by E. M. Linden (The Deadlands)

XY by Lucy Zhang (Fireside Magazine)