Views & visitors over the years

Wednesday’s post had me wondering: just where do most of my readers come from, and has that changed significantly over the years?

I’ve been blogging since 2011, but there are a lot of deleted posts in the first few years of this blog. I don’t know if they’re counted in the stats, so I didn’t want to include them in any kind of analysis. 2020 is the first year I really started posting regularly, so that’s the first year I’m going to start with.


2020 had a total of 959 views and 322 visitors. 146 of those views came from search engines. Surprisingly, the vast majority of it was Baidu (135), not Google (11). 119 views came from the WordPress reader, then some from Pillowfort and Twitter.

Aside from the home page, the pages for The Land of Two Moons and The Book of Immortality had the most views. I’m actually surprised that a couple of the LotM chapters were viewed enough that they showed up on the stats page.

As for where the viewers came from, it’s mostly the United States, followed by China, France, India, Germany, Switzerland, then Canada. I honestly was expecting more English-speaking countries. China makes sense, since that’s where most of the Baidu viewers came from.


2021 had a total of 3,498 views and 1,785 visitors, a gigantic jump from the previous year. Turns out that regular posts means more views. Unlike the previous year, most views came from the WordPress reader (302). A lot of people got here from search engines, particularly Google (95). Links from Pillowfort produced 45 views, and links from Twitter produced 38.

Like 2020, the most viewed “page” was the home page. After that, it was “creating a basic naming language” and “Nostalgia Time: Oekaki, Deviantart, & Old Internet Friends“. No one seems to have read any of the Book of Immortality or The Land of Two Moons chapters – at least not enough for it to show up here.


Where the viewers came from in 2021 makes a little more sense here – English-speaking countries make up the top four.


I know 2022 isn’t over, but I think I have enough data that things won’t change too significantly. Most views came from search engines, of which Google was predominant. A lot fewer people got here from the wordpress reader than they did in the previous year. I’m guessing it’s because so many people got here from googling “naming language” and getting to the most popular post, “Creating a basic naming language”. I’m also surprised to see that “Nostalgia Time: Oekaki, Deviantart, & Old Internet Friends” is still relatively popular.


As for where people came from…first place is the United States. And then second place is Unknown Region! I have no idea what this means. Did a large number of people start using location-blocking in 2022? I don’t particularly care where my viewers come from, but I don’t think I ever saw “Unknown Region” before 2022.

Link & domain name updates

First of all: I’m letting the domain expire in December. I’m not using the pen name anymore, so there’s no reason for me to have it as the name of my website. This means that this blog will go back to being an obvious WordPress blog, with the address

The problem is that there are a lot of links that point back to This doesn’t just include the pages where I link to my artwork and novel chapters – it includes probably 50% of the blog posts I’ve made on this site. It’s a lot of stuff to go through.

I hope to have everything updated by the end of the year. If anyone find any of the old links in 2023, please post a comment on the page/blog post and I’ll fix it as soon as I can.


I’ve been using Pillowfort ever since I found their Kickstarter in 2018. I’d say it’s the social media site I’m actually most active on. It’s a text-based blogging site with zero algorithm. You control who see your posts. You can follow individual people and communities, which are sort of like subreddits. You can blacklist post tags if someone you follow posts about things you don’t particularly care about.

It’s also entirely user-funded, which is the most attractive part of the site to me. There is no investor funding whatsoever! That does obviously mean that the site isn’t nearly as big as the major social media sites, but…that’s not a bad thing. I’ve found that a smaller community where I recognize a large number of the people posting is a pretty nice situation to be in.

Anyway, I thought I’d just give a shoutout to a website that I actively use and monetarily support.

Back in 2017, I made an account on Then I deleted it in early 2022 as part of my account cleanup – I was deleting various accounts that I hadn’t used in a while because there was no use in keeping them. Then in April I made a new account on and started posting art there. Well, in August I decided that it was best to keep my artwork off of social media, and in October I started using Mastodon again, for fairly obvious reasons.

I’m using Mastodon in essentially the same way I use Twitter – random thoughts, writing updates and comments, etc. In fact, I’ve been mirroring most of my Tweets. The ones where I post links to other social media aren’t mirrored because that wouldn’t make much sense.

My Mastodon account is, if you want to follow me there.

If you pay attention to the front page of this blog, you may have noticed that I removed the sidebar widget that displays my most recent Tweets. Apparently, that was a legacy widget and now there are all kinds of sidebar widgets. It’s way more than I remember it being when I added that Twitter widget back in…2014.

Anyway, there isn’t a Mastodon widget, so I will probably update the sidebar manually to add a link to Mastodon and other social media sites I regularly use.