2022 Goals: How am I doing so far?

My original 2022 goals post is here.

Finish writing Samael. Well, I’m almost done with the outline. I am definitely nowhere near done with writing. That will probably take me up until the end of the year.

Create 52 pieces of art. This has been a bust. I haven’t been drawing at all!

Get through my reading backlog. You know what I did instead? I bought more books.

Get through my video game backlog. I only started getting the time to play video games again at the end of May. I haven’t finished any games yet, but I can probably get 3-4 done by the end of the year.

Get through my watchlist. I’ve actually made some progress with this. I’ve been working through shows and movies at a pretty good pace.

Try 6 new restaurants. I’m at 4/6 right now.

Finish buying new clothes. This is still in progress.

Buy a house. This is the only goal that I’ve 100% completed. It’s also a large part of the reason I’ve made such little progress with the rest of my goals. Looking for, then buying, and then moving into a house was incredibly time-consuming.

Writing Update: June 2022

I finished quite a bit of the Samael outline this month – issues 17 and 18, as well as the beginnings of issue 19. I also figured out what exactly I want to do with this story (see this blog post).

I also did a little bit of worldbuilding & characterization for the unnamed story.

I’m sorry this is such a short update, but I’m sick at the moment and am having trouble thinking. Hopefully I will have more to report at the end of July.

Camp NaNo July Goals

My first goal is to finish the Samael outline. I’m already very close to being done, and I’ll be surprised if it takes any longer than 5-7 days. After that’s done, it’s time to actually go back to writing Samael. I haven’t written anything since the end of November since I’ve been focused on finishing the outline.

I may also write some more blog posts. I have a document with a lot of blog post ideas and notes that’s getting pretty long, and it’s well past time to clear it out. I don’t have anything scheduled for posts aside from the monthly writing updates and recommendations, and I’m getting a little tired of skipping Fridays or writing posts on those Fridays instead of ahead of schedule.

Current plans for Samael

I’m just about done with the outline for issue 18 of Samael. Most of the major story threads are already wrapped up, and after this, there are only a few more events for me to outline. I can end the story at a natural stopping point, even though it’s a bit of a cliffhanger.

This will be “part 1” of Samael. I always had the intention of writing part 2 (and maybe part 3), but as of right now, I think I need to stop working on it and move on to something else. I don’t have enough ideas to fill even one issue of an outline, and I’m a little too burnt out on this story to want to take the time to come up ways to continue the plot.

So my plans for the next couple of months are:

  1. Finish the Samael part 1 outline. This should happen sometime in late June or early July.
  2. Write and edit the rest of Samael. That will probably take the rest of the year.
  3. Post the chapters here like I did with The Land of Two Moons and The Book of Immortality.

After that’s all done, I can think about whether or not I want to write part 2. Right now it’s looking more like a “no”, but that might be different once I’ve had a few more months to think things over.