Moon Reflection (2019-11-24)

Finished 2019-11-24.

This actually started out as a painting of a tree on a hill. When I was done painting it, I wasn’t very happy with it, so I left the tape border on for about a week while I thought about what I actually wanted to paint. You can see a little bit of the original painting where the paint bled under the tape.

I only used black & white here because I wanted to focus exclusively on values (light & shadow) instead of colors. The paint is actually slightly bluer than what you see here, even though I didn’t mix in any blue to the black & gray tones. It’s such a subtle shade that I think it might be part of the black pigmentation, and not the colors of the previous painting showing through.

Recommendations: May 2021


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I Do Not Want to Write Today by Shing Yin Khor (Catapult)

It’s All Just a Draft by Tobias S. Buckell


How to Evolve Vowel Harmony Systems by Artifexian (Youtube)

Sunset Clouds (2019-11-12)

Finished 2019-11-12.

This is the sixth acrylic painting I did, and the first that I actually liked. I didn’t actually set out to paint a sunset or clouds – I originally intended to paint a galaxy using yellow/orange/red/black. I didn’t work, and I started painting clouds instead.

I made a ton of mistakes with this painting – not using enough water, not blending the colors well enough, and not having a plan on what I was going to paint. Unlike the previous paintings I did, I wasn’t frustrated with this one when I finished it. I liked it – and still do like it – because I this was when I first started to get the hang of acrylics. All of my later paintings are much improved compared to the first five.

Above the Clouds (2019-08-25)

Finished 2019-08-25.

This piece took around 5-6 hours, but I worked on it on-and-off for about two weeks. Unfortunately, I only saved one in-progress image, with is the original sketch with the lineart over it:


I actually added values to the sketch, which is something I basically never do. It was definitely useful when I was deciding what areas to place lighting and shadows. It’s probably something I should do more often, and it’s probably something I’ll forget when I sketch my next piece.

I also colored the lineart in some areas – the lighter ones – which is something I don’t think I’ve done ever since. Then again, I don’t typically have lineart in pieces like this. Perhaps that’s something I should experiment with in the future?