Some Thoughts On: Joran, the Princess of Snow and Blood

Originally, I was going to review all the episodes in this show. I wrote a full review of the first episode (it is posted on my Pillowfort account) and it ended up much longer than I thought it would be. Since I’d planned on reviewing four episodes per blog post, that was going to be a problem. Then I realized I didn’t want to do a full review of this series anyway, so one (brief) post it is.

This show…had potential. It was definitely interesting, and a lot of stuff happens, but I think that’s where the problem lies. Too many things happened in too short a period of time. Sawa Yukimura, the protagonist, has a goal – a lifelong dream – of killing the guy who killed her family. That happens at the end of episode 4. This is a 12-episode show.

Joran takes place in an alternate history Japan in the 1930s. In the background, there’s a group that’s aiming to overthrow the government. That does happen by the end of the series, but again, it is a 12-episode show. Things aren’t explored in the detail they definitely should have been. A longer season (24 or 26 episodes) would probably have fixed the pacing issues and allowed time for exploration of the characters & the world.

I will leave this post on a good thing: this show is quite pretty! I definitely like the art style, especially the sketchy style used with the changelings.

Nostalgia Time: Anime/Manga

I think the first anime I started watching regularly as a kid was Pokémon. Or maybe it was Digimon Рboth were on Cartoon Network and so tons of people watched them, along with other anime like Dragon Ball Z & Yu-Gi-Oh. For some reason, I never ended up watching those last two. I have no idea why!

Two other animes I was introduced to through Cartoon Network were Cardcaptor Sakura & Hamtaro. I had a ton of Hamtaro toys at one point.

Aside: Yu-Gi-Oh was popular enough that people would bring the cards to school and play during recess. I’ve heard various things over the years about this still being a thing, which would be baffling as this means kids are still playing the same card game almost twenty years later.

The first anime I recall watching regularly was Sailor Moon. I was never able to read the manga – I’m not even sure it was available in English in a non-flipped form when I was a kid – and I was never able to finish watching the anime. The fifth season wasn’t even aired in the United States!

I was finally able to watch the entire anime (in Japanese) when it was added to Hulu a couple of years back. I also ended up finally reading the manga. Thankfully, I still like it.

My public library actually had a pretty decent manga section. I read things like Saint Tail, Dream Saga, Cyber Idol Mink, & Corrector Yui when I was in elementary school, then Bleach, Rayearth, Black Cat, Death Note, and Hunter x Hunter later on in middle/high school. If any of those manga had an associated anime, I’d try to watch it, too – whether through DVDs from the library or illegal streaming sites.

I don’t watch much anime or read much manga anymore. My tastes have changed as I’ve gotten older, not to mention that my free time has dwindled. I genuinely don’t have as much time for entertainment now as I did when I was a kid.