2022-01-08: Arizona Sunrise

20220108_arizona sunrise

Here is my first acrylic painting of 2022! It’s based on a doodle I did back in June 2019. It took about 70 minutes over the course of several days.

I think I may have actually found a painting process that works well: work for about half an hour on a section, do tiny touch-ups over the next few hours/days, then move on to the next section. I’ve always had trouble finishing art in one sitting, and breaking it up like this seems to have produced pretty good results.

House in the Woods (2016-10-28)


This was a painting with a pretty strange (at the time) process. I did a sketch, put down base colors under the sketch, refined the colors (to what you see here, and then drew lineart over it. It’s similar to how I do digital paintings in the present day, but was very experimental at the time.

It’s also one of the few (I believe) paintings I did entirely in FireAlpaca.