Link & domain name updates

First of all: I’m letting the domain expire in December. I’m not using the pen name anymore, so there’s no reason for me to have it as the name of my website. This means that this blog will go back to being an obvious WordPress blog, with the address

The problem is that there are a lot of links that point back to This doesn’t just include the pages where I link to my artwork and novel chapters – it includes probably 50% of the blog posts I’ve made on this site. It’s a lot of stuff to go through.

I hope to have everything updated by the end of the year. If anyone find any of the old links in 2023, please post a comment on the page/blog post and I’ll fix it as soon as I can.

New names

I’ve already decided on new pen names. Well, one is new, and the other is one I’ve been using for a while.

From now on, Lee Lacaille-Xing is the name I will be using for my science-fiction writing, and Li Zhilong is the name I will be using for fantasy writing.

With that has come a bunch of username changes! My Twitter is now @selenicseas instead of JayArgall, and most account names that were jayargall have been changed to selenicseas as well.

This website will stay for the time being. When it’s time to renew the domain, I will probably change it to something like paperdragonthoughts; I haven’t quite decided yet.

State of the Blog: February 2022

You may notice that there haven’t been any blog posts for the past two weeks. I have genuinely been too busy to write – not just blog posts, but anything. I’ve barely even had time to engage with any hobby. Not only has my day job been on mandatory overtime since the beginning of the year, but I’ve also started the house-hunting process! While I’m happy to have extra money and look for a permanent place to live, it’s genuinely taking up a lot of my time. All I want to do in my free time now is vegetate.

Now on to the actual blog-related stuff.

Let’s Make a Conlang is on hold for now. I genuinely don’t know what I want to do with Soleisu. I’m not too happy with the conlang as it is right now and I think I want to revamp it, but like I mentioned above, free time is a luxury I don’t have much of.

I have notes on blog posts I want to write. Those notes have been sitting in a Google doc for over a year now and I need to do something with them. There’s no reason (aside from the aforementioned lack of free time) that I can’t write them up. Some of these posts are about writing, and some are about various other topics.

Blog posts will be on Fridays from now on. The only reason a Monday/Wednesday/Friday post schedule worked last year was because I had a huge backlog of posts. Now I don’t. One post every Friday is something I’m sure I can handle, at least until I run out of things to write about.┬áThis doesn’t include the Recommendations and Writing Update posts. Those are staying at the end of the month.

10 Years of Blogging

I’ve had this blog since December 16, 2011. It’s one of the oldest accounts I currently have active on the Internet (I made my NaNoWriMo account in 2008, and my former deviantART account was created in 2007). If I include this here blog posts, I’ve made 271 posts in total.

Of course, that only includes posts I haven’t deleted. There are a lot of posts I’ve deleted, especially in the early years. Fortunately, I stopped deleting posts in 2017 – mostly because I knew by that time what I did and didn’t want to include on this blog.

Here is a table showing every blog post (and the associated word count) that I’ve ever posted to this blog. It doesn’t include this one.

Year Online Posts Word Count Deleted Posts Word Count Total Posts Word Count
2011 0 0 6 1,517 6 1,517
2012 11 3,001 76 22,220 87 25,221
2013 1 102 41 17,866 42 17,968
2014 2 2,126 59 20,230 61 22,356
2015 11 2,453 6 888 17 3,341
2016 15 3,143 5 1,184 20 4,327
2017 12 3,626 0 0 12 3,626
2018 21 8,767 0 0 21 8,767
2019 14 2,751 0 0 14 2,751
2020 30 44,515 0 0 30 44,515
2021 153 134,499 0 0 153 134,499
TOTAL 270 204,983 193 63,905 463 268,888

I sure wrote a lot of blog posts from 2012-2014, but it doesn’t compare at all to 2021, when I made the decision to have 3 posts per week fairly early on. I had a goal of 150 and I hit it before the end of the year!


Unsurprisingly, 2021 is the most popular year for this blog, and 2017, when I wrote one post per month, was the least popular. This proves the obvious: writing more blog posts brings more traffic to your blog.

Am I going to write as much in 2022 as I did in 2021? Well, no. In 2021, I had two serial novels going, I was posting old artwork every week, and I wrote a bunch about my old conlangs. I haven’t exactly run out of things to write about, but there are certainly fewer topics I want to cover.

Blog Update: February 2021

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts! I think the last time I made a post specifically relating to the blog itself was when I bought a domain name in early 2019.

I’ve update the About page. The “About the Website” section has been updated with all the categories used, as well as a brief description of each category.

Added “Nostalgia Time” and “Novels” as categories. The Book of Immortality & The Land of Two Moons, which were formerly categorized under “Writing”, have been moved to the “Novels” category. All the Nostalgia Time posts, also formerly categorized under “Writing”, have been moved to their own category. “Writing” now exists as a category for posts solely related to writing.

All categories & tags on blog posts are updated. Aside from The Book of Immortality, The Land of Two Moons, and Nostalgia Time, quite a few of my early posts weren’t tagged or categorized properly. That’s fixed now.

Removed the “Blog Update” category and turned it into a tag. This really didn’t need to be a category on its own.

I’ve started drafting a “Recommendations” post for January & February. I’ll probably end up doing one of these per month: posts about the things I came across during the month that I liked. I don’t plan on it to be limited to things I read or watched – I might end up recommending entire websites, or blogs, or communities, etc.