Camp NaNo July 2022 Results

As you may have assumed from July’s Writing Update, I didn’t achieve my goals last month. I intended to write 20,000 words, and ended up with 8,566.

2022_07_camp nanowrimo

I thought about writing about why I think I didn’t achieve my wordcount, but then decided it’s better to focus on what I did actually accomplish in July. So, here’s what I did:

I finished the Samael outline! That’s the one writing goal I’ve had this entire year, and it sounds pretty pathetic when I put it that way. No outline should have taken me seven months to finish, even if I was extremely busy.

I wrote up a review of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and also have a blog post scheduled for some artwork I’ve done. That doesn’t do much for my list of blog post ideas, but it’s a good start.

I started writing down notes and ideas for a revamp of a story I’ve been trying to figure out for the past few years. It was called The Illuminated World, and is now called Lotus Guard.

I continued plotting an unnamed story (which I’ve been calling Prison Break in my head, since that’s how it starts) and now I have a pretty good idea on character arts and story beats. The problem is that most of this plotting has happened in my head (this is normal in the early stages of a story; I go through so many ideas that writing things down isn’t exactly worthwhile), so now I actually need to write all of it down without forgetting it.

Camp NaNo July Goals

My first goal is to finish the Samael outline. I’m already very close to being done, and I’ll be surprised if it takes any longer than 5-7 days. After that’s done, it’s time to actually go back to writing Samael. I haven’t written anything since the end of November since I’ve been focused on finishing the outline.

I may also write some more blog posts. I have a document with a lot of blog post ideas and notes that’s getting pretty long, and it’s well past time to clear it out. I don’t have anything scheduled for posts aside from the monthly writing updates and recommendations, and I’m getting a little tired of skipping Fridays or writing posts on those Fridays instead of ahead of schedule.

Camp NaNo April 2022 Results

I won Camp NaNoWriMo around 11:30 PM on April 30th. There wasn’t any real reason for me winning that late, aside from procrastination.

2022_04_camp nanowrimo

It looks like I spent as many days not writing as I did writing. Most of that writing was done on weekends, due to me being busy with home-buying things on weekdays.

I didn’t get as much done in April as I would have liked, but I do know where I’m going next with Samael. Considering I was having problems with that before the month started, it’s quite a good thing.

Writing Update: April 2022

Most of the writing I did this month wasn’t “real” writing. At the end of March, prompted by me winning the bid on a condo, I decided to finally sort through all of my old story notes. This meant going through a lot of folders and notebooks and typing up everything that wasn’t already typed.

There was a lot of stuff to type up. On the 2nd day of April, I decided to count these words toward my Camp NaNoWriMo goal. One, because I didn’t want to take all that paper with me when I moved, and two, because I was having a hard time actually outlining Samael.

My initial goal, which I talked about in a blog post on March 18th, was to finish the Samael outline. Apparently I realized this was ridiculous soon afterward, because the goal that I put into my goals spreadsheet said “finish four issues of the Samael outline”.

Unless I somehow manage to write about 6k words tomorrow, that won’t be happening. I finished Issue 15 and am currently working on the outline for Issue 16. I might actually be able to get that done by the end of tomorrow.

However, I did outline a bunch of stuff that happens later in the story rather than sticking to my usual strict chronological outlining. As it turns out, this helps a lot when you want a higher wordcount! Who knew?

Well…everyone, I think. Except me.

I will post a full analysis of this Camp NaNo session next Friday!

What am I doing for Camp NaNoWriMo?

Honestly, I completely forgot about Camp NaNoWriMo until I got an email about it a few days ago. I’ve been so busy these past few months that I haven’t had the time to even think about any writing events.

I’m going to continue working on the same thing I’ve been working on since last November: the remainder of the Samael outline. At the beginning of the year, I hoped I’d be done with it by now so I could move on to actual writing. Now I’m hoping that I’ll have the outline done by the end of April.

I don’t have any plans other than that. 20,000 words.