Plans for (and until) NaNoWriMo

Hello everyone! I haven’t made a post since…the beginning of August!? I really need to work on that.

Since November’s getting closer, I’ve been plotting out an idea that’s been swimming around my head for a couple of months. It’s coming along very nicely, except for a few things. Most importantly, the title.

I have such a hard time thinking of non-obvious titles.

Normally I have something in mind – last year’s NaNo & this year’s Camp NaNo projects were pretty easy to name – but I’m completely drawing a blank on this one. I’ve thought about naming the novel after a character, but that wouldn’t work – there is no one character where this would work. I’ve thought about naming it after the setting…which still wouldn’t work. The main conflict, perhaps?

Maybe once I flesh everything out a little bit more something will come to me. Or maybe I’ll just go with something allegorical.

Anyway, plotting my unnamed NaNo novel isn’t the only thing I’ll be doing. I recently finished The Gate at the End of the World, a script I’ve been working on since the 8th of June. I’ve let it sit for a few days, and now I’ve got an idea of how to edit it.

Unfortunately, that idea is “change the setting and plot entirely and go back to the original idea I had”.

So I really won’t be editing at all. I’ll just be writing a completely new story in a completely new setting, and I have to do more research and create an entirely different conlang.

I’m actually pretty happy about this, since I wasn’t feeling too good about The Gate when I was writing it. This change should make for a much better story.

So is anyone else plotting for NaNo?