I’ve been using Pillowfort ever since I found their Kickstarter in 2018. I’d say it’s the social media site I’m actually most active on. It’s a text-based blogging site with zero algorithm. You control who see your posts. You can follow individual people and communities, which are sort of like subreddits. You can blacklist post tags if someone you follow posts about things you don’t particularly care about.

It’s also entirely user-funded, which is the most attractive part of the site to me. There is no investor funding whatsoever! That does obviously mean that the site isn’t nearly as big as the major social media sites, but…that’s not a bad thing. I’ve found that a smaller community where I recognize a large number of the people posting is a pretty nice situation to be in.

Anyway, I thought I’d just give a shoutout to a website that I actively use and monetarily support.