Writing Update: August 2022

Honestly, I had a pretty bad month. I revised issue 1 of Samael in the first week, and was planning to revise 1 issue for each of the following weeks. That did not happen. At the moment, I am just barely halfway through revising issue 2.

There is an actual medical reason for this: for the past two weeks, quite a bit of my free time has been consumed with taking care of an infected abscess that has required two different antibiotics (which I’m still taking) and made it difficult to sit (or stand, or walk around, or drive, or really do anything other than lie on my side). Going to work and sitting down at a desk all day was painful enough that I didn’t want to continue doing the same at home.

I’ve only been able to sit comfortably again this past weekend, and I can basically walk around without problem. I’m not nearly as tired as I was in the beginning. I will probably finish revising issue 2 before the month ends.

As for my currently unnamed story, I’ve continued plotting it out in my head. I’m still working things out, and it’ll be a while before there’s any writing.

Writing Update: July 2022

I finally finished the Samael outline! And then, after that, decided I wasn’t going to do anything else. I literally have not written a word since I finished that outline – not for Samael or anything else. I also did a tiny bit of plotting for some other stories. By tiny, I mean under 300 words.

I really hope next month will be better for writing.

Writing Update: June 2022

I finished quite a bit of the Samael outline this month – issues 17 and 18, as well as the beginnings of issue 19. I also figured out what exactly I want to do with this story (see this blog post).

I also did a little bit of worldbuilding & characterization for the unnamed story.

I’m sorry this is such a short update, but I’m sick at the moment and am having trouble thinking. Hopefully I will have more to report at the end of July.

Writing Update: May 2022

I was so busy with moving this month that didn’t do any plotting or outlining for Samael until the 22nd. After that, I barely wrote anything until the 29th. I got a decent chunk of Issue 17 plotted out, and now I know how to connect it with the next section of the story. Provided that nothing as time-consuming as moving comes up in June, I should be able to get back on track with regards to outlining.

I also started writing down notes for a story that’s been bouncing around my head for a few months. I still need to name one of the protagonists. For some reason, naming these characters has been more difficult than usual.

Writing Update: April 2022

Most of the writing I did this month wasn’t “real” writing. At the end of March, prompted by me winning the bid on a condo, I decided to finally sort through all of my old story notes. This meant going through a lot of folders and notebooks and typing up everything that wasn’t already typed.

There was a lot of stuff to type up. On the 2nd day of April, I decided to count these words toward my Camp NaNoWriMo goal. One, because I didn’t want to take all that paper with me when I moved, and two, because I was having a hard time actually outlining Samael.

My initial goal, which I talked about in a blog post on March 18th, was to finish the Samael outline. Apparently I realized this was ridiculous soon afterward, because the goal that I put into my goals spreadsheet said “finish four issues of the Samael outline”.

Unless I somehow manage to write about 6k words tomorrow, that won’t be happening. I finished Issue 15 and am currently working on the outline for Issue 16. I might actually be able to get that done by the end of tomorrow.

However, I did outline a bunch of stuff that happens later in the story rather than sticking to my usual strict chronological outlining. As it turns out, this helps a lot when you want a higher wordcount! Who knew?

Well…everyone, I think. Except me.

I will post a full analysis of this Camp NaNo session next Friday!