The Book of Immortality

Two years ago, a civil war broke out in the Meitsung Empire between Imperials loyal to the immortal Heavenly Emperors and Rebels who wanted less Imperial control in their lives and to restore power to the people. The Rebels won, and the far-eastern provinces of the Meitsung Empire seceded and became East Meitsung.

But the Rebels still have their goal of overthrowing the Heavenly Emperors, and the Imperial threat isn’t over. The Rebel forces are woefully understaffed and underequipped, and there is no way they would be able to win another war.

So they assemble a team of four people who are tasked with stealing a book out of the Imperial Palace’s library – a book which will hopefully let the Rebels reverse the immortality of the Heavenly Emperors and give them a good chance to win.

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Short Stories


Two women look around a strange town.

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