The Land of Two Moons

After not seeing each other for eight years, Veitlen Tyvokala is reunited with his cousin and childhood friend Nymue Rozenbarr after she moves to The Capital to attend the Tsurennupaiva Military Academy. They expect their mandatory military service to be uneventful, and that they will return to civilian life afterward. Their expectations are shattered quickly as they learn that their magic abilities are abnormal.

This comic contains horror, science fiction, and fantasy elements. It takes place on a planet, Talassa, where orbital bombardment from the shattered moon Ellinen caused a mass extinction that wiped out most species 500 years prior. A very small human population lives in one country, Tsurennupaiva, where they constantly face the threats of demons and often run into harmless ghosts.

The prologue and chapters 1-6 can also be be read on ComicFury.


Chapter 1, Part 1: Veitlen & Nymue

Chapter 1, Part 2: Veitlen & Nymue

Chapter 2: Old Relics

Chapter 3: Magic

Chapter 4: Spirit Weapons

Chapter 5: Demon

Chapter 6: Fyrda

Chapter 7: Sundered Souls

Chapter 8: Old Humanity

Chapter 9: To Senna

Chapter 10: Morgaine

Chapter 11: 21

Chapter 12: Missing History

Chapter 13: Year 500

Chapter 14: Avatar Chanda

Chapter 15: Lillin

Chapter 16: Kallinu

Chapter 17: Language Barrier

Chapter 18: The Talk

Chapter 19: Explanations

Chapter 20: Hunting Season

Chapter 21: Summer Break

Chapter 22: Silica

Chapter 23: Rahka

Chapter 24: A New Turn

Chapter 25: Decisions

Chapter 26: No Answers

Chapter 27: Final Decision

Chapter 28: Serrailin

Chapter 29: Veitlen’s Plan

Chapter 30: Seven

Chapter 31: Tsurennupaiva

Ciniáne, the old language of The God-Republic of Ciniá

Rennukat: Introduction, Phonology, & Sentence Structure

Rennukat: Nouns, Adjectives, & Pronouns

Rennukat: Verbs & Numbers

The Land of Two Moons: Languages & Cultures of Tsurennupaiva

The Land of Two Moons: Initial Ideas & Inspirations